Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two Appearances This Week

I forgot to mention I'll be out running my mouth on two consecutive nights this week. On Thursday night at 6:30 you can catch Hollis Gillespie, Ramona Debreaux, and myself at the main branch of the Atlanta library. We'll be talking about how reading changed our lives. In my case, it made me come to school dressed as The Shadow in fourth grade, just on a whim, mind you, it wasn't "dress up day" or anything, which resulted in some painful memories I carry with me still. Come join the fun! Then on Friday night I'll be reading some fancy prose of mine at that art show I've mentioned before. I believe music will be provided by Hubcap City. That's the real draw! I'm not sure what time the activities start, but it's art, so you can come whenever you want.