Thursday, November 09, 2006


This from an anonymous friend of the "blog": "Tonight I went to a poetry reading and the woman sitting next to me made so much noise with her cup of ice, the person sitting on the other side of me reached across my lap and made her give him her ice... Oh, tonight at dinner I heard a poet complain about the word 'awesome.' He said he hates how the word is used and a person is lucky if he has two genuinely 'awesome' experiences in his life. Then he went on awhile about the etymology of the word which has something to do with Yahweh and stars, according to him." The reason our friend mentions the word "awesome" is that I just sold my first novel, which is entitled AWESOME. It's about a big, sexy giant. Now I want you to put it out of your mind, because my second book of stories doesn't even come out until May, and you need to be putting all your energy and concentration into that. The novel doesn't raise its ugly head until 2008.