Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mea Culpa

I had planned to retire, then I realized my horrible, horrible mistake. I should have illustrated my recent "post" about Popeye NOT with a cruddy 1960s Charlton comic book cover and its gross misrepresentation of Eugene the Jeep, but rather with an example of the work of the great E.C. Segar. Here, then, I rectify the situation with a Segar rendition of the Jeep. Also, I'm sorry I use the word "great" so much. It puts me in mind of what a poet once said. I mean, everything can't be great, can it? But Popeye is. Nonetheless, the word has now been abolished from the "blog" like others before it. Finally, I recently used the phrase "steely reserve." I believe the proper cliche is "steely resolve." Okay. Now I can sleep. Good night, "blog"!