Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hey, they gave me an honorarium at that art thing. I was surprised! They slipped it into my palm smoothly, during a handshake, much as I had tried to tip my barber the other day, but I did a clumsy job. Well, I went out and bought myself the Martin and Lewis Box Set, Vol. 1, with my honorarium. First I looked for it at the neighborhood store where I like to buy my DVDs, CDs, and magazines. But they didn't have it, so I was forced back to the "big chain," where, by the way, those eight copies of my book are STILL THERE, people, as if being stockpiled for the apocalypse. Anyway, what does all this mean to you, the loyal "blog" reader? Pretty much it means that I now own an extra copy of the Martin and Lewis comedy-melodrama THE STOOGE, so the next time we have a big "blog" contest, that's going to be the prize. I hear America sharpening its pencils!