Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jerry Alert

Jeff McNeil would like the world to set its alarms for 2pm EST Thursday afternoon, when the Fox Movie Channel will show the Jerry Lewis film WAY... WAY OUT. Note the ellipses! Such fanciful touches were popular in 1966, when the film was made. That year was also big on smuttiness! You'll find it by the boatload in WAY... WAY OUT! Other things to watch for: Dick Shawn's performance as the cosmonaut, which accomplishes the rare feat of stealing the torch of zaniness from Jerry himself. And of course, keep your eyes peeled for the hubba hubba Anita Ekberg, who also appears in PARIS HOLIDAY, starring another "blog" favorite, Mr. Bob Hope. Note: PARIS HOLIDAY is not for the Bob Hope novice. It requires a certain steely reserve! Leonard Maltin, by the way, calls WAY... WAY OUT a "BOMB." Why so hurtful, Mr. Maltin? Don't rob us of our funny.