Monday, November 27, 2006

Hunched Over

Hi! I spent five hours on the phone today with four different nice "computer" people. At the end of the five hours, the advice turned out to be "unplug that one thing and plug it in the other thing." Anyway, thank the Lord I can "blog" again! But while I wait for a special "gizmo" to arrive in the "mail" I have to "blog" in an unbecoming and accutely painful "hunched over" position. But "blog" I shall, world! "BLOG" I SHALL! Tomorrow, you can expect "blogs" about Gilbert & Sullivan, the long awaited definition of West Indies salad, and a weird thing done by a co-worker of L., our secret corporate "Blog" Buddy. And maybe I will tell you about my telephone communication with Jeff McNeil. First he said he was glad to have the "blog" back, because when it's gone, there's "nothing on the internet." THEN he insulted the dinner I was having when he called, saying that pasta with butternut squash didn't "sound like something a man would eat"! First he makes with the nice-nice then he's pulling the old switcheroo. He's complicated. That's today's "blogging" tip: People are complicated!