Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun With the Art

Everyone had a good time with the art tonight. My advice is get to know some art people. They'll treat you like a king! A teenager of our acquaintance came to see the art. He thought that Hubcap City's set-up was an exhibit. He can hardly be blamed, as that particular band employs an axe, a saw, a child-sized rocking chair, some brass bowls, some garbage can lids, and some other exciting objects as instruments. When they began to play, our teenage chum professed his delight, saying admiringly that Hubcap City sounded like "a witch's funeral." Le mot juste! Okay, the last thing I should say is that when I recommended The Awesome Glass Bricks of Mystery maybe I wasn't paying complete attention. For example, I don't think there's any glass involved. There ARE, however, more dead animals than I might have imagined. Somehow they escaped me on my first go-round. Dead birds, dead reptiles, and perhaps most memorably, some squashed and varnished rats on a bed of lima beans. I'm just saying. Hey, it's art, that's what art is. I'm not sure how I missed those rats before. Anyway, I had to tell you.