Saturday, November 11, 2006

Big Day

It was a big day here in the Pendarvis Building. Several of the interns were let out for an impromptu "field trip." They had become all worked up and frenzied by Tom Bissell's recent "post". And as "video games" and "Xboxes" are not allowed into the compound, we made do very nicely with the purchase of a couple of gigantic paperback compilations of Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night. These are in black-and-white and printed on extremely cheap paper, but loads of fun for the kids. Color them yourself! Theresa bought a few issues of Wonder Woman, a few of The Spectre (he's the one popping out of the crystal ball in the accompanying illustration) and one of Dr. Strange. Then the weather turned spooky, perfect for reading comic books. But the fun wasn't over yet! Several of the interns piled into the old station wagon and headed out to see the new movie by Joey Lauren Adams. She's a good writer and director! It was the kind of deeply humane, quiet, unblinking slice-of-life you hardly see anymore, peppered with bone-dry humor. Oh yes, the title is COME EARLY MORNING. Which reminds me. I forgot to mention earlier that Pia Z. Ehrhardt's book is called FAMOUS FATHERS. Isn't that a great title?