Thursday, November 30, 2006

White Vinyl Lunch Box

Just the other day I was entertaining Mr. McNeil with a charming tale of my first lunch box, which featured the Banana Splits (left). This lunch box, as I recalled it, was not made of metal. It was white vinyl. Though we were talking about the late sixties, when everything was made of white vinyl, Mr. McNeil scoffed. Look, neither of us has much going on right now, okay? If I were an architect or something, building a hospital, say, I wouldn't be here "blogging" about my old lunch boxes, would I? Long story short, Mr. McNeil took to the "internet" to prove me a liar about my white vinyl lunch box - days later! Days after the fact! Out of pure spite! And what did he find? The lunch box of my youth, selling for $300 on ebay. To be fair, in the same conversation Mr. McNeil described an awful disease he had heard about on NPR, and I'm afraid I gave an impression of doubtfulness because really it sounded too awful to be true. I won't talk it about here, because I don't want to bring everybody "down."