Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surfin' With a Caveat

#15 in our massive Beach Boys cover project, which we can't remember why we started, or even why we're calling ourselves "we" when we're just one person, that's another thing we can't remember. All we know is there is a rule that we will never repeat a song or a performer (or we'd be going back to the guy who did "Hang Onto Your Ego" - so awesome!) and that it will go on forever and ever until there are no more Beach Boys songs (don't worry, there are infinite Beach Boys songs) and no more people on the "internet." A CAVEAT! The melody and chords of this song (below), as well as its epochal guitar lick, were composed by the greatest living songwriter, Chuck Berry, as Brian Wilson would be the first to remind you, so it's almost sort of not a Beach Boys song, but it is, according to a ruling by our committee, which is me.