Thursday, June 04, 2009

Way to Go, Serval!

I was just reading on the "internet" about how servals have a 50% success rate when pouncing. Other cats have a 10% success rate. Get with it, other cats! You are no match for the serval. Also, the large ears of the serval can hear prey that is skittering around UNDERGROUND! I read the latter fact in my book THE BEHAVIOR GUIDE TO AFRICAN MAMMALS by Richard Despard Estes, which I "blogged" about a little on a Milwaukee bookstore "blog" back in April. Which reminds me: for some reason I forgot to tell you that some of the workers from the doomed Schwartz bookstore got together and put their OWN bookstore in its place. Way to go, Boswell Book Company! You are the servals of the independent bookselling world. I am going to place you in my "links" column. Or should I say "lynx" column? Ha ha ha! Because a lynx is a type of cat. Goodbye. Oh! Today, the people at Boswell Book Company interviewed Tom Franklin about his great and unholy novel SMONK. Read the interview by "clicking" here.