Monday, June 15, 2009

Media Report

Heavens to Betsy! It is already time for another of our famous "Media Reports"! Today we look at the popular media of long-playing vinyl records, public readings, and youtube videos of monkeys. ITEM: Watch out! Amanda Stern is on the loose with a hatchet! Is that a hatchet? I think it's a hatchet. This is what you see when you go over your allotted time at her acclaimed HAPPY ENDING MUSIC & READING SERIES. Hatchet-wielding rage has seldom been so adorable. ITEM: Remember what Barry B. got me for Christmas? That's right! The Jerry Lewis album MORE JERRY LEWIS. Guess what? He just sent me the LP recording JERRY LEWIS JUST SINGS and it's not even Christmas! The liner notes are festooned with exclamation points and quotation marks aplenty, just the way we like them. ITEM: Phil sent a humorous monkey video but somehow it just depressed me.