Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bookmarkin'! with Jack Pendarvis

It has been far, far too long since the last edition of "Bookmarkin'! with Jack Pendarvis," our in-depth online forum for the discussion of the free bookmarks given out by our nation's bookstores. Perhaps the lapse says less about our own negligence than the sorry state of the modern bookmark. Well, all that is about to change! I couldn't help but notice when I recently purchased the funniest book in the world (TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE, VOL. 1 by Michael Kupperman) from Square Books that the bookmark slipped inside by the helpful cashier was heartier and earthier than usual. It was browner, too, and appeared to have interesting little flecks of stuff in it! I am guessing it is made of recycled paper. No matter its actual makeup, here is a bookmark that makes you feel like a regular guy - a crusty, assertive bookmark with a bracing hint of malice. On the small side, but certainly a step in the right direction for an otherwise exemplary store known for the ineffectualness of its bookmarks. Highly recommended.