Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Know Larry King Is Messing With Me

Look at this "post" from his Twitter account: "Of all the muffins, corn is my favorite." I firmly believe he has begun to parody people parodying him, and I'm not kidding! There is self-awareness in this muffin comment, I contend. In other news, I guess CNN is mad at Larry King for "posting" such things, and he has been forced to open a new Twitter account for his personal muffin revelations, etc.! This sort of sickens me. It makes me think that CNN does not understand Larry King at all. But here, I will "link" you to the new account, where I hope Larry King will keep going full blast. (PS: I apologize for "linking" to the site called TMZ because I find it somewhat distasteful... yet I must admit they are the only ones reporting this incredible story!)