Monday, July 27, 2009

No Darlin' - Yes Darlin'

I'd like to put the Beach Boys song "Darlin'" in our great big catalog of every person on the "internet" singing every Beach Boys song. But there's a problem. As you know, I have set up many rules, such as "no professionals" and "no repeated songs" and lots of other rules, including "never the same performer twice." And the only people I can find singing "Darlin'" are this man ("click" here) and this woman ("click" there - hey, wait! I was wrong; she's doing "Wild Honey," which is from the same album, so I'm not completely crazy), and the former has already performed "Hang Onto Your Ego" for us, while the latter has done "Don't Worry, Baby." To make matters worse, the guy we had doing "Caroline, No" has taken down his video! In order to restore balance, I need to find someone else covering "Caroline, No" yet NOT count it in our running tally. So as you can see everything is hopeless. I hope you appreciate how hard it is to make a "blog"! Like, I know nobody is going to "click" on all these "links" and it makes me sore at heart. And one day youtube will go out of business and the "blog" will be nothing but a bunch of blank spots. Wait. I just found someone else singing "Darlin'." So forget everything you just read, except the part about how hard I work to make your life better and get nothing in return. Here then is the 29th entry in our popular series: