Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Is A Good Commercial?

My sister came over and we had a heated disagreement about the nature of Nutter Butter brand cookies. She was proven correct by the "internet"! A preliminary trip to youtube for answers provided none, but in the course of our search we did stumble across the unrelated ad presented below, which I recalled vividly from my youth. It seems that I am always complaining about commercials I don't understand - commercials advertising Jay Leno, Cheetos, a search engine, and so on - and only rarely, as in the case of the commercial for the handy money clip or a hardware store in Ohatchee, do I provide any POSITIVE example of the art. Well, the following one from my childhood was the greatest and most effective commercial ever, and if you don't understand why because you never wanted to be an astronaut, I guess we have nothing to talk about.