Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Many Haggard Clowns

Did you know that "Blog" Buddy Amanda Stern once traveled across Europe with Cirque du Soleil? Nothing this remarkable woman does would surprise me - yet this information surprised me. So I guess something she did surprise me, rendering the first half of the previous sentence obsolete. I was so excited to see some haggard clowns smoking cigarettes on Amanda's "web" site. Who wouldn't be? But then the photo essay shifted in tone - less Fellini and more Terrence Malick - and there began to be a lot of "nature shots." Don't get me wrong, I love nature! But I love haggard clowns even more. I made my preference known, and am delighted to report that Amanda has responded with lots and lots of photos of clowns exemplifying various degrees of tenderness and creepiness!