Friday, July 17, 2009

Spader Time

Barry B. has noted Dr. "M.'s" creepy 80s Spader predilection, and writes in with a recommendation for her: "Tell Dr. M if she hasn't seen it she should check out a movie called The New Kids. Really creepy Spader and others. I think his hair is bleached blonde. Eric Stolz is in there, too. It's pretty trashy. It reminded me of a TV movie but with some pretty severe violence and ugly language. It came out the year before Pretty in Pink. IMDB plot line: 'A brother and sister arrive in a small town to help their relatives run an amusement park, and they find the town is terrorized by a local street gang.'" I think that says it all, Barry B.! I will alert the good doctor. (Pictured, a scene from THE NEW KIDS. Barry B. asks us to note Spader's bleached hair and generally delicate complexion.)