Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Legend of the Legendary T-Shirt

Hey, remember when I was telling you about the kids' show that Barry B. and I used to make, and how Barry B. has reproduced some t-shirts from that old TV show, and how you could see from the picture I provided that the new t-shirts are blue? Well, the original version of the t-shirt (featuring the same Jon Langford design) was red and yellow (a red base, with Jon's artwork done up in yellow and smelling strongly of a poisonous chemical). And here is a little known trivia fact I would like to share with you. The original red-and-yellow Rudy and GoGo t-shirt (for that was the name of our show) appears for a split second in a music video for a song that was incredibly popular when it came out. "Click" here to find out what the song is! And where exactly does our T-shirt come in? Never have the words "blink or you'll miss it" been more literal. At, I think, the tail end of :32 or the very, very beginning of :33, you can freeze the frame. You will see a bald lady laughing on the right side of the screen. Her head is next to the chest of a man who is wearing the Rudy and GoGo shirt. Only because I am telling you would you ever be able to guess that it is the shirt from our kids' show. I guess if you were a character on one of those high-tech crime shows they have nowadays, you could "enhance the video" and see the whole shirt very clearly and possibly solve a crime. But until that day, you'll just have to take my word for it. (Pictured, GoGo saying "Hello!" to Paul Robeson on an episode of Rudy and GoGo.)