Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tomorrow Is Here!

Hey, do you know how in the Broadway musical ANNIE, that little girl Annie is always telling you that tomorrow is "only a day away"? That attitude is never going to get you anywhere! You need to pretend that tomorrow is already here and make plans accordingly. Tomorrow is the day that Megan Abbott is coming to town! And yes, technically, it is a day away, just like Annie says, but that kind of thinking only makes you soft and lazy. Start getting ready NOW! You don't want to miss Megan Abbott's reading. Let me give you a little taste from page one of her new novel BURY ME DEEP just to tantalize you and so on: "their lips wet with syrups, tonics, sticky with balms, their faces freshly powdered, arching up..." WHAT? What's all this about sticky lips and powdered faces? I can't tell you! Nor can I reveal the nature of their "rimy lungs and scratchy voices"! Or who it is "fingering pocket chains" with "hands curled about gin bottle necks." You'll just have to come out and hear for yourself what's going on there. And remember, that's just PAGE ONE! PARAGRAPH ONE!