Monday, July 27, 2009

My Darlin' Annotations

About the "post" featuring the 29th entry in our famous series of Beach Boys covers: that version of "Darlin'" encapsulates everything great AND crummy about the "internet." It's great when people play music in their houses and I'm glad they can put it up on the "internet." It gives the "internet" a warm familial feeling! But it's crummy that the guy got 32 views and one jerk among those 32 or so people felt the irresistible urge to rate the guy with "one star." WHY? Why go to the trouble? I thought he did a perfectly nice job... and even if you disagreed, WHY PICK ON HIM? That is how the "internet" makes me sad. One other thing. While I was searching around on the youtube I came across this band (who are obviously professionals, so they can't be included in our big project) covering the "Pet Sounds" instrumental from the album of the same name and I thought it was interesting so here it is. Hey, guess what, I have a huge deadline and am supposed to be working. Ha ha ha! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!