Thursday, July 16, 2009

Onslaught of Unicorns Continues Unabated

Turns out "Bloggy" the "Blog" Mascot is also an artist! She sent me what appears to be a hand-drawn and hand-colored prancing unicorn on a large, sturdy sheet of construction paper. She sent it in the mail! As I cannot "scan" things or "take pictures" with a digital "camera," I will try to describe this magnificent object as best I can. 1) It is prancing. 2) It is bedecked with a garland of meticulously rendered posies. 3) Fleecy clouds abound. 4) The sun is shining. 5) The unicorn has long eyelashes. 6) The unicorn's tail is fancifully braided. 7) As one might reasonably expect, the unicorn is beribboned in lilac and pink. 8) The unicorn has a cartoon bubble coming out of its mouth, and the unicorn is exclaiming, "I love groundhogs and Jerry Lewis!" So, because I cannot show you the unicorn, I will do a "Google Image Search" using key words from the description above. Remember, the unicorn I find by such a method will not be nearly as good as the one "Bloggy" made. But it will have to do. Thanks, "Bloggy"!