Friday, February 05, 2010

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner

"Man in chains???" So reads Dr. "M.'s" long-awaited new entry in our popular regular feature "Dr. 'M.'s' TV Korner." You may complain that it is a short entry! Five words! Two of them the same word! The same word of a mere two letters! And who would not want more Dr. "M."? So in that way you would have a point! I guess! But Dr. "M.'s" words - on the subject of the television program LOST -are fraught! Fraught I tell you! Fraught with meaning! And dread! And speculation! And besides, Dr. "M." has been a little preoccupied lately... WITH HAVING A BABY! As the "blog" is very happy to announce. Now "blog" conspiracy theorists - and I am sure you exist! - will use this as a reason to speculate that my very own sister is Dr. "M.," just because my very own sister recently had a baby named Jasper. But Dr. "M." is NOT my sister and Dr. "M.'s" baby is a different baby with a different name. For reasons of anonymity we are going to call him "Dr. Baby." Welcome to the world, Dr. Baby!