Sunday, February 28, 2010

Like, Heavy

A guy wrote a manifesto! There is an article about it in the New York Times today. So a little while ago I was over at Square Books and they had a big stack of the manifesto. And I was like, "Hmm, there's that manifesto everyone is talking about." And I opened it up and "Blog" Buddy Lynn Shelton was mentioned on the SECOND PAGE OF THE MANIFESTO! Which excited me! So then I opened it up at random to page 45 or 46 and there was a great little anecdote about my hero Sonny Rollins. So, great! And I opened it up AGAIN at random to page 203 and discovered an appreciative passage about buddy AND hero Barry Hannah. So I bought the manifesto. But right after I bought it, I felt oppressed! Like, "Heavy!" Like, "Can I handle a manifesto right now?" It wasn't the manifesto's fault! But I returned the manifesto immediately and got my money back. I mean, like, the buying and the returning were in one smooth, unbroken action. I don't know what it is about manifestoes.