Monday, February 15, 2010


The votes are in! And by "votes," I mean one vote. And by one vote, I mean two votes. A "Blog" Buddy who goes by the nom de plume "Chicken Sheets" wrote in to say that despite the "blog's" fascinating insinuations, German silent film actress Greta Schröder looks in no way like popular television star Tina Fey. So I thought the matter was settled, though I did suggest to Ms. Sheets that she try imagining Greta Schröder wearing glasses and see if that helped. Well, through the magic of the "internet" and "computers," Ms. Sheets placed glasses on Greta Schröder, causing her (Ms. Sheets) to CHANGE HER VOTE! Yes, the votes are in. The voter agrees with me now (though it must be admitted that if you carefully comb through the record - and why wouldn't you???? - I pretty much didn't agree with myself)! And here is the result of Ms. Sheets's thoughtful efforts: German silent film actress Greta Schröder wearing glasses for you to enjoy. Enjoy!