Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner

"The best part of having a new baby?" asks Dr. "M." rhetorically. "The days go by so quickly that next thing ya know it's time for another episode of Lost! I had a thought for the day: since the central question seems to be 'Is man inherently good or inherently evil?' [We cannot vouch for Dr. "M.'s" interpretation, though she is very good at interpreting things. Also, is that a spoiler of some kind? We can't even tell anymore! If so, we apologize. - ed.] then perhaps" (Dr. "M." continues) "one storyline will eventually land on the good side and the other on the evil side, thus not answering the question at all!" This has been another edition of Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner.