Friday, September 24, 2010

Human Dynamics

Finished BULLET PARK - very enjoyable - and started GRINGOS by Charles Portis, which makes me happy and sad - happy because I am reading a Charles Portis novel and sad because it is the last existing Charles Portis novel I have not read. Maybe he will write some more novels! It has been a while, but maybe he will get the itch. I just wanted to note that GRINGOS, like BULLET PARK, has UFOs in it. Look, here's part of a paragraph from early in the first chapter of GRINGOS: "Louise and Rudy were graduates of some college in Pennsylvania and had come down here to investigate flying saucer landings. Her degree was in Human Dynamics. Rudy had one, a dual degree, he said, in City Planning and Mass Communications. First he would build the city and then he would tell everybody about it in the approved way."