Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank You, Owl

Just when I was worried about the 3D cartoon owls, there's this: "He heard the belling of a wood dove or an owl." I'm reading BULLET PARK by John Cheever and there it is, taking me away from the 3D cartoon owls and back to my literary theory of owls. Maybe the problem is that in the 3D cartoon there are just SO MANY owls, whereas in literature, the owl is often merely hinted at, as in the Cheever quotation above. I will say that I saw a great number of hawks today, a huge number, an almost unbelievable number of hawks, hanging out together in the sky over the woods behind Big Bad Breakfast, so maybe the 3D cartoon movie is more accurate in some quantitative avian way, though as far as I could hear and see the hawks were not talking to one another in human language nor blowing everything up with magic rings of blue fire, which seems to be the plot of the movie.