Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four A.M. Chuck

Also there is an infomercial where Chuck Woolery tells you how to go to sleep and it comes on at four in the morning which is clever when you think about it. At one point Chuck Woolery says, "And now we are going to get into a helicopter and visit a surprising guest who can't sleep!" And his sidekick says, "Why are we getting into a helicopter?" And Chuck Woolery says, "Because this is a show and we have a budget," which seems like a rude answer to a reasonable question, though Chuck Woolery does not invest it with any detectable ill will. In fact, it occurs to me that Chuck may have asked the producer, "Hey, don't we need a line here to explain why we're getting on a helicopter?" and the producer was like, "Just get on the helicopter, Chuck," and Chuck Woolery was like, "I think my fans will want to know why I am flying on a helicopter to meet our special guest who can't sleep, I mean, why can't the guy just meet us at the studio? It feels weird to me," and the producer grudgingly inserted the lines in question almost as an insult to Chuck Woolery! He probably scribbled them onto a script with a magic marker and shoved them in Chuck Woolery's hands and said, "There! Happy now?" I hate to think this!