Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Lippfrankmanlinfest

Every year there is a noticeable gap in excitement between October 5, which is McNeil's birthday, and October 7, the date upon which Dr. Theresa and myself sanctified our blessed union. Poor October 6! Nobody celebrates anything then... until now! That's right, the rumors are true: Lippfrankmanlinfest is upon us! Tom Franklin and Laura Lippman both have new novels, and they will be reading together at Off Square Books on that heretofore misbegotten eve, now redeemed. Laura Lippman suggests that a better name for the event would be Franklippmania, to which I would only add an exclamation point (FRANKLIPPMANIA!) and yes, that sounds very exciting, but Lippfrankmanlinfest is more fun to say like Jerry Lewis, which was the deciding factor, of course. Related: I just heard that Tom is to be interviewed on NPR's WEEKEND EDITION Sunday. Looks like Lippfrankmanlinfest is coming early this year!