Friday, September 17, 2010

Put Your Bronk Into It

I am pretty upset. Last night I saw the young woman who eats dry oatmeal and she asked me, "What's Bronk?" WHAT'S BRONK? This indicated that she has paid scant attention to the "blog"! Perhaps she has skimmed it, even! SKIMMED IT! Perhaps she did not patiently "click" back over every single "Bronk link" until she reached the one that introduces BRONK into the lexicon. That's the trouble with the kids these days, always go go go. I hate to think of what the world is coming to. Also, I had to publicly explain BRONK in a group of people, which felt uncomfortable somehow, like talking about my most personal and private ailments of the body and soul! Pictured, BRONK star Jack Palance as Dracula. Or should I say Bronkula? Huh? Huh? Should I?