Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big VHS Giveaway

Attention "Blog" Buddies (and you know who you are). As we pack up to go to Oxford, it is revealed unto us that we have duplicates of several fine motion pictures. That is, we have DVDs of them and no longer need the VHS versions currently also in our possession. A list of the videotapes follows. If any "Blog" Buddy wants any particular titles, we will reward them in the order they are requested. Remember, these are VHS tapes, not DVDs, so if you do not have a VHS player or do not care to watch VHS tapes because of all the modern conveniences we now have in these strange times in which we live today, do not bother us. On the other hand, if the thought of a free movie in whatever format entices you, contact us at once. Supplies are limited! In fact, we have only one VHS of each movie. Act now! Note: This offer is for "Blog" Buddies ONLY. If you are not sure whether you are indeed a "Blog" Buddy, you are not. The list: ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS (a Howard Hawks action picture starring Cary Grant) - THE SUNDOWNERS (a lighter Robert Mitchum vehicle) - FOOTLIGHT PARADE (Jimmy Cagney/Busby Berkeley) - LITTLE WOMEN (1994 version, still in the shrink wrap) - YOUNG MR. LINCOLN (Henry Fonda/John Ford/Abraham Lincoln) - A FACE IN THE CROWD (scary Andy Griffith) - MASCULIN-FEMININ (my personal "fave" Godard movie) - CAT PEOPLE (original version! Almost as good as CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE) - THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (featuring Theresa "fave" Dana Andrews; get ready to weep!) - ON DANGEROUS GROUND (Ida Lupino/Robert Ryan/Nicholas Ray).