Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner: The Return of Dr. "M."

Here it is, the welcome return of Dr. "M." after her mysterious disappearance. In the following dispatch, Dr. "M." veers a little off the subject of TV and into movie rentals and other sordid enterprises, nor does she put the proper "quotation marks" around the word "blog," but we're going to let it slide because we're so happy to have her back. Here, then, the unexpurgated Dr. "M." in all her glory: "My apologies to the fans of the blog that I have had nothing to contribute as of late. I know that crowds have been rallying beneath Jack's apartment window, torches in hand, yelling More TV Korner, More TV Korner! Well, your calls have been heard. First, I offer a riddle--What does a show about an intelligent, attractive teen detective have in common with a show about attractive polygamists in Utah? The answer: three of the same actors! Beaver, Mac, and Lilly Kane from Veronica Mars are regulars on Big Love. If Veronica ends up joining the show as the 4th wife, I will just lose it...what 'losing it' means, I am not sure, but I know it wouldn't be pretty. In film news, I draw your attention to this week's Entertainment Weekly, which has an article devoted to the making of Xanadu, that early 80s Olivia Newton-John cult classic. If you are ever feeling low, a movie about a Muse at the roller disco is just the prescription you need to get you through the slump. (Of course, it will also make you want to ask Gene Kelly 'Why, Gene, why?') And finally, I want to also point you to an article in the same issue about the film Red Dawn. The collector's edition DVD has just been released, and although I will probably not rush out to buy it, I will definitely rent it. Why? Because it stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, not to mention C. Thomas Howell (where have you gone, C. Thomas?) and Charlie Sheen and Harry Dean Stanton, who, by the way, plays the wonderfully creepy Grand Polygamist Patriarch on Big Love! See folks, in this web we call 'showbiz,' all are connected. Yours truly, Dr. Agent M"