Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Fave" Planets

As promised, here we have a message from Caroline Young on the subject of the planet Mercury: "I don't think anyone has ever made a movie about Mercury. Am I wrong? I liken that little gas ball to my dog Honeybear, not for the reason you likely suspect. They are both so easy to dismiss. Nobody anticipates the disruption they cause when they go into retrograde motion. Suffice it to say, both Mercury and Honeybear require a watchful vigilance." Here, as evidence, is a file photo of said "Honeybear." Ms. Young goes on to inform us that Mercury is coming "out of retrograde" on Monday night. Thank you. This has been one in our series on "fave" planets. We also draw your attention to the time that Jim Whorton speculated about the existence of life on the moon, though we are aware that the moon is not a planet. And speaking of things that may or may not be planets, how about the time that Pia Z. Ehrhardt mentioned Pluto in passing? Okay, there are still plenty of extra planets to choose from; send in your "fave" today!