Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The New Bookmarks Are In

The right bookmark for the right book, that's my motto! Well, as I discovered on my recent trip to Greenwood, Turnrow Books (one of the fine Mississippi bookstores in the "links" section to the right) has new bookmarks - new to me, at least - in a pale, pleasingly subtle (neutral, really) green that will work with just about any book. For example, it's looking very good right now in my copy of PLAY IT AS IT LAYS by Joan Didion. Given the book's content, the Turnrow bookmark takes on a sinister, empty-souled pastel. But in THE DUD AVACADO by Elaine Dundy, which I was reading just prior to the Didion, the Turnrow green was jaunty, with appropriate overtones of Pernod. Yes, the new Turnrow bookmark is the bookmark that bookmark lovers have been dreaming of: it goes with everything! Nor have the good folks at Turnrow cynically tailored their fine new bookmarks to fit only books purchased at their store. In fact, I bought the Dundy at McNally-Robinson in New York City and the Didion at Wordsmith's in Decatur, GA. But I am sure it will go equally well with the anthology of blues lyrics I picked up at Turnrow. What's more, these bookmarks are free with any purchase! Order a book from Turnrow today, and be sure to tell them that Pendarvis sent you (and advised you, in fact, to ask for a nice green bookmark - the most versatile free bookmark on the market)! This has been one in our series of tips for friendly book likers.