Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun With Milton

All the books I really want to read next are boxed up and sealed and marked Oxford. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So instead I find myself reading SURPRISED BY SIN: THE READER IN PARADISE LOST. It's the second edition with a new preface, so imagine my giddiness. Nothing against the author (Stanley Fish) or the poet John Milton, but I can't recall when or where I bought this book and I had forgotten all about it until it came time to dig through the remnants destined for a year of lonesome storage and find something to occupy my mind. Anyway, it's good so far! There's a part about the Tree of Good and Evil that made me stop and think! And I'm not even done with the preface yet. Why am I telling you what I'm reading? Beats me! But I long ago resigned myself to the fact that this is what a "blog" is. And I'll end the suspense right now about what kind of bookmark I'm using. This volume goes great with the elegant, traditional black-and-white that they slip in your bag at Skylight Books. I'm like a sommelier of bookmarks! You give me the book, I'll tell you which free bookmark goes best with it. I believe I am oversimplifying and perhaps even misdefining the job of a sommelier, and I apologize to sommeliers everywhere.