Saturday, July 07, 2007

Red Planet

Theresa and I saw most of RED PLANET, starring Val Kilmer, on cable last night. And we dug it. Do you HEAR ME? We DUG IT! That's right, a movie with 87% rotten tomatoes. Do you want to watch it? Probably not! But if you do, please do not rent it or buy it. Just wait until it's about midnight one night and you're flipping around and you come in about ten minutes late. Then there's no pressure! And remember the rotten tomatoes, and forget that I ever mentioned it here. And please don't read anything about it beforehand. What happens in it? Well, just about every bad thing that can happen to a person on Mars, okay? And Tom Sizemore plays a fellow with multiple PhDs. Not to mention there's an homage to the spacesuit-encumbered rumble between Jerry Lewis and Dick Shawn in WAY... WAY OUT. Plus it has helpful tips if you ever have to put out a fire in zero gravity. Now forget everything I said. Put it out of your mind! And wait... wait until the time is right. And I don't want any guff if you don't like it. Big deal! Sue me.