Sunday, July 29, 2007

McNeil's Movie Korner: Blue

This is not a drill! The "hard drive" is about to be packed up, and when we plug it in again in Mississippi, who knows if it will even work? So at the very least I owe you all one last edition of McNeil's Movie Korner. McNeil emailed the other day with a tawdry pun - unfit for "blogging" - about a movie that TCM was airing. The subject header of his email was "Goin' Blue," and the title of the movie was THE EXTRAORDINARY SEAMAN. The body of the email consisted of McNeil's sly and unprintable jape, which he capped off with a dedication: "That one's for Redd Foxx," he wrote. Persons who know Mr. Foxx only from SANFORD AND SON will be confused. Others will share a knowing wink with McNeil. Hey, speaking of TCM (I hate to horn in on McNeil's Movie Korner, but we are pressed for time here) I saw a little bit of SHANE last night and realized that I was way off base when I speculated here on the "blog" that John Qualen might be in it. There was another guy in it who looks nothing like John Qualen, but played a character similar to the one Qualen plays in THE SEARCHERS - if he truly was in THE SEARCHERS. I don't know if I can trust my memory anymore. But this is a "blog" so it just doesn't matter. I'm not the encyclopedia, for goodness sake! I'm just a man.