Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As Milestone Is Reached, Internal Critics Remain Uneasy About Direction of "Blog"

For the second time in a row, a centenary "post" has been marred by commercialism, according to a statement released today by B. Proctor Weems, CEO of "Blog" Industries. "We thought Pendarvis had learned his lesson given the crass nature of his 800th 'post,'" Weems remarked. "It certainly seemed to have damaged him emotionally. But the 900th 'post' on The Place Where Jack Pendarvis has a 'Blog' is even more egregious. It is titled 'The Unnamed,' but may as well be called 'Buy My Book, Suckers.' This is the opposite of what we had been led to believe Pendarvis would produce in a 'blogging' capacity." Pendarvis held a hastily assembled press conference (pictured) to defend his actions. "Look," he said. "I'll make a list right now of 'posts' I don't even recall writing. Just random cr-p. Is that what they want? Fine. Meanwhile, we're moving, so maybe Weems can retool the 'blog' while I'm gone. I'll see everyone some time in August. Who knows what the 'blog' will look like then?" Later in the day, Pendarvis Building interns indeed released "links" to the most obscure and forgotten "posts" in the Pendarvis canon. We have not examined them in depth, but they do seem to support Pendarvis' claim that he writes generally about ephemera that can serve no sane commercial purpose. The complete list follows: "Andy Garcia"---"Shoes"---"What's Next For Forky?"---"Sorehead"---"Leftover Roast"---"Shake Well"---"Preemptive Calendar Rebuttal"---"Refrigerator Door"