Friday, July 20, 2007

Gambler's Leg

I caught the tail end of a commercial for leg medicine and I thought I heard the reassuring announcer say that one of the potential side effects was "an increase in your gambling urges." So I looked it up on the "internet" and I am not crazy, as you can see by "clicking" on this "link." I called to warn McNeil. As regular readers of the "blog" will recall, he has gambling urges already. During the course of our discussion of medical side effects, I found out why McNeil can only drink diet ginger ale. A medicine he is taking has changed his taste buds! Coca Cola, which he formerly enjoyed, tastes to him now like "charcoal with cellophane melted on it," in McNeil's words. Nor can he eat his former favorite cheeses. Finally McNeil promised to email later, with news of an Air France commercial that disturbs him in some way. Well, the leg medicine commercial is not as entertaining as the Tater Mitts commercial we previously examined. What do you want from me? They can't all be gems.