Monday, July 02, 2007

He's Brilliant!

Hey, the woman handing out samples at the grocery store just told me that I look "just like Michael Moore." When she saw that she had crushed my spirit, she appended, "He's brilliant!" And that's just what she meant. That I look brilliant. I was debating this morning whether or not I should "blog" about the five pounds I gained on the last leg of the "book tour." I think God has answered me! I blame starting out in New Orleans. And just to seal the deal, we stopped at Uncle Mort's on the way back to Atlanta yesterday. Hey, speaking of New Orleans, I christened the trip with a couple of Pimm's Cups at the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone. Pia, remembering how much I always enjoy a good Pimm's Cup, sent me this article on the subject earlier today. The author of the article was at our Oxford, MS reading. Enjoy!