Monday, July 23, 2007

The Famous Lunch

Well, I had lunch with Robert Osborne today, thanks to my friend Shana (pictured), who is in his posse. As you know, Mr. Osborne is the genial host of the most-watched channel in the Pendarvis Building, Turner Classic Movies. We like to call it TCM for short, it's a thing we have. Mr. Osborne and I discussed Dick Powell, and Mr. Osborne talked a little bit about the pros and cons of the Cinerama process. Many other subjects came up - the great film editor Thelma Schoonmaker, for example. Some topics, like apartment living vs. homeownership, were not even movie-related. All along, Mr. Osborne was a fascinating conversationalist and a true gentleman. He reacted with amusement when I told him how my publisher wanted me to have a "blog" to get "hep" with the "kids of today" and yet I only write about things like the early talkie UNION DEPOT. Shana told us about one of her favorite French short films and Mr. Osborne talked about one of his. It was the nicest going away present ever... thanks, Shana! At one point as Mr. Osborne (who was sitting across from me) talked, I swear that I felt everything blurring out around the edges and went into kind of a daze, because it was like watching TCM but not... sort of an out-of-the-TV experience. I was momentarily disoriented! But I was made to feel 10,000 times more comfortable than when I accidentally sort of had breakfast with Christopher Hitchens. With whom shall I have supper? Stay tuned!