Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tater Mitts Redux

Last night at dinner, the future brother-in-law (FBIL) revealed that he has been discussing the Tater Mitts at work. One of his coworkers recalled seeing a bad review of said Tater Mitts in a magazine, though the FBIL could not recall which magazine. In any case, it seems that one must parboil the potatoes before the Tater Mitts can be effective. Yet once the potatoes are parboiled, the Tater Mitts hardly seem necessary! Or so ran the reviewer's complaints, as the FBIL's coworker recalled. Just now, the FBIL has emailed with more information. The coworker now believes that the magazine was GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. The FBIL, however, cannot find the alleged bad review of Tater Mitts online. Here's what he did find (in his words): "a link to a TV station in Pennsylvania that ran a story about the Good Housekeeping Institute and their mission to test every product ever featured on an infomercial. Four paragraphs down you find out that Tater Mitts only received one star (as opposed to four stars earned by 'Earlifts')." The FBIL goes on: "It looks like the Magic Bullet [another object of "blog"templation - ed.] did not fare too well with the folks at Good Housekeeping either." He concludes, "How sad." We agree, FBIL. We agree. Because their infomercial is AWESOME! (Pictured, one of the infomercial characters who loves the Magic Bullet.)