Friday, September 25, 2009

An Analysis of the Foil Itself

Killed more time in the periodicals room, where in the past I have enjoyed thumbing through THE JOURNAL OF SEDIMENTARY RESEARCH, MOTOR CONTROL: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDY OF VOLUNTARY MOVEMENT, THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL HYPNOSIS, and so many more. Today it was THE JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY, which included this passage: "The phenomenon that Braud is primarily studying with Katy has to do with the appearance of 'gold foil' on her skin at apparently random times. The protocols of the observations made are presented in excellent detail, and an analysis of the foil itself is included, showing that it is not in fact gold at all but ordinary brass foil." I even spotted a typo in THE JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY, because the name of the parapsychologist under discussion was Braude, not Braud. Yes, this is how I spend my days. What do you care? Shut up! Leave me alone!