Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Merry Scampering

You know how I love reference books. Had to go over to Square Books and pick up a volume called A CULTURAL DICTIONARY OF PUNK by Nicholas Rombes because according to it contains an entry on Barry Hannah, and I was like, "All right!" So was correct, of course. A footnote to the entry refers to Barry Hannah as "Barry Honnah" because that's the way you do it in punk! Proofreading is for squares. What didn't tell me was that A CULTURAL DICTIONARY OF PUNK also examines the Don Rickles sitcom C.P.O. SHARKEY (a frequent source of discussion with both Mr. Ward and McNeil). The specific episode under consideration is titled "Punk Rock Sharkey," which according to the book is all about Don Rickles "convincing a punkish girl to join the navy." The author goes on to make a good case for the punkishness of Rickles himself, who exemplifies punk as (quoting again) "above all, a stance, a way of carrying yourself in the world, a performance." Naturally this sent me scampering merrily for the L's, where I was sure I would find an entry on Jerry Lewis. I did not.