Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Means Donkey

Well, you know where I had to go tonight. I had to go over to Square Books and order the new unicorn book. I used the power of the "internet" to check some of its contents. In particular, I was interested to see whether Mr. Lavers acknowledged the work of Odell Shepard, the author of the used unicorn book I stumbled on in Little Rock the other day. Indeed he did. In one little excerpt I uncovered on the "internet," Mr. Lavers claims that Mr. Shepard "over-emphasizes the rhino" in his account of the origin of the legend of the "horned ass" (!). Chill out! It means donkey. And when I read that, I was like, "All right! Feuds of the unicorn scholars! I need to get in on this hot action!" And the rest is history.