Saturday, February 02, 2008

Interesting Facts About the Hulk Fail to Save "Blog"

McNeil writes in to tell me that I did not "blog" yesterday. He is right! The sad truth is I may be experiencing a relapse of "blog"tigue. Don't be alarmed! There is a pretty good chance it may be nothing more than ennui, which usually clears itself up in two to three days. We're waiting for the test results. In the meantime, Mr. Ward has sent me some interesting facts about the Incredible Hulk TV show starring Bill Bixby but I was unsuccessful in my attempt to fashion them into a coherent "post." That is my fault, not the Incredible Hulk's! He remains, as always, incredible. I also had a thought about Lance Reddick, an actor from THE WIRE. But the "post" just lay there on the page, inert, so I deleted it. Once again, not Mr. Reddick's fault! What will the future hold for the "blog"? Only time will tell. (Pictured, Lance Reddick and the Incredible Hulk.)