Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Phil Again

Came back home to find this message from Phil: "This is a video for a song by a talented New Orleans character named Clint Maedgen. He’s performing here with the Preservation Hall Band. He really is a delivery guy for the restaurant in the video (Fiorella’s, home of some kick-*** fried chicken); best of all, in following him on his rounds, the video gives an excellent sense of what our home-away-from-home neighborhood is really like." By coincidence, the place we were coming back home FROM was John Currence's wonderful City Grocery restaurant (below the City Grocery Bar); we were talking with John, in fact, about New Orleans, his home town, and the fact that Theresa and I will soon be there for the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival. Nothing nicer than talking to John Currence about New Orleans while eating some split-pea pasta with ham hocks he made, then coming back home and finding a New Orleans video courtesy of Phil. [We feel sort of obliged to mention that the song in the video was written by "blog" fave Ray Davies, who was rather famously shot in New Orleans. So it all comes together! - ed.]