Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Jerry Fans Discovered In Their Natural Habitat

I was at a party tonight and started talking about Jerry Lewis, as I always do, much to the dismay of many. I was bending the ear, in fact, of famed local entrepreneur, philosopher, and bon vivant Ron Shapiro, a fellow Jerryite, and I believe we made some progress toward the idea of an outdoor Jerry Lewis film festival, perhaps to be projected upon the side of a building this summer! Tom Franklin came up while we were talking and I fear that Ron and I acted somewhat ashamed, as if we had been discussing a predilection for leaving the men's room without washing our hands. Liking Jerry will make you paranoid and defensive! But Tom launched immediately into a spirited appreciation of the Martin and Lewis film THAT'S MY BOY, the plot of which he described in a way befitting a novelist of his high caliber. Also at the party: a man who was once almost in a plane crash with Werner Herzog! I wish I could tell you what Werner Herzog said when everyone thought the plane was going to crash, because it was so cool, and just the sort of thing you wish Werner Herzog would say in a seemingly crashing airplane. But this story properly belongs to the man who told it, a man who - as I keep telling him - should write a book about his life, because he has a thousand other stories just as good. But this is a modest man! And I will not spoil his story.