Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Hero Dan

We had fun at the film festival last night, and many events occurred; many quips were made. Most of these events and quips made me think, "I'm going to 'blog' about this tomorrow!" For example, we were talking about the true story of Floyd M. Boring and what kind of movie it would make when Kent came up with the title: THE BORING ULTIMATUM. But all other events and quips were blotted out when I heard the story of how Dan spent one Easter Sunday picnicking with Elliott Gould. "Come on, Ben," said Elliott Gould. "Let's get some real food." (Elliott Gould thought Dan's name was Ben.) Then Elliott Gould took Dan away from the extravagantly catered picnic, and to a Jack-In-The-Box restaurant, where he (Gould) ordered 17 hamburgers. But no one wanted them. This is Dan, by the way: